"Lesya Ukrainka - charming Mavka"

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Sashko Balabai - film director, photographer, journalist, member of the Ukrainian Film Academy. Sashko has no art education and began painting recently, in December 2020, but has drawn more than 25 works. Sashko`s paintings are made in a unique and unusual style and evoke bright and positive emotions in the audience. It was in search of positive emotions that Sasha immersed himself in painting after a severe depression during quarantine. This art therapy helps him to survive the moments of social vacuum and recover for successful creativity. Also an inspiring moment for Sasha was participation in the expedition to western Ukraine with the "Festival of Naive Art" with curator and gallery owner Pavlo Gudimov and acquaintance with interesting naive artists. Ideas for paintings Sashko looks for in everyday life, childhood memories, inspired by visiting art exhibitions, interesting events, travel. Sashko Balabai's works are somewhat ironic, profound and childishly naive. In each picture there are colored bubbles that resemble balls in a dry pool for small children, for the author it is a return to a calm and happy childhood, moments of serenity and peace. Bright images, harmonious colors and emotional plots fill the artist's work with warmth and meaning.



"Lesya Ukrainka - charming Mavka"

60X80 cm, acrylic, 18.02.2021


Naive art. Primitivism.  Pop art. In Ukraine in 2021 we celebrate 150 years since the birth of the writer Lesya Ukrainka. I decided

to paint a portrait of her inspired by her literary works.


Painting was exhibited during the project "Lesya Ukrainka. 150 names", Kyiv, Ukraine. 25.02 - 08.03. 2021