"No one will be able to build a bridge for you, where you can cross the flow of life - no one but yourself"
/ Friedrich Nietzsche /

The "CORONASCOPE" project is an attempt by its author,
Valery Leshchinsky, to show the inner world of a creative person, perception or non-perception of reality through the prism of visual transformations that the human soul can be capable of in an expressive state…
Valeriy is a Kyiv resident, founder and curator of the Kyivphotos-Hall 2012 Art Association, a member of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine, one of the few Ukrainian photographers working in the field of modern pictorialism and photoimpressionism. Experimenting in concept & abstraction.


The "HAPPY TICKET" project is a series of author's photographs by Darina Balabai and Sashko Balabai.
"At one point, I caught myself thinking that getting a coronavirus is like taking part in a lottery and pulling out the wrong ticket or the one to look from.
But to me, this situation with a lot of unknown variables reminds me of a lottery. "
says Darina Balabai, co-author of the project.
What awaits us after the end of quarantines and restrictions that deter us from a pandemic? How will our lives change after a successful victory over the virus?
The authors of the project recorded the life of their city before and during the pandemic, which inspired them to create a photo project about the imaginary world after the pandemic. This world can be seen in the photos, where the city returns to its normal life, where the inhabitants of the city are not forced to wear masks. A world in which people do not calculate with whom and in what quantity it will be safe for them to spend time, to celebrate holidays. A world where noisy and bright events take place, crowded concerts, bike rides, fairs. This is the world that makes our lives full and full of emotions.
The authors of the project used an experimental technique to simulate the protective scratch layer, which is usually used on lottery tickets. And here before the spectator there are such expected moments of post-quarantine life, our future common, social, artistic and cultural life after the end of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions.


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"Lucky ticket" & "Coronascope"

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