1) "Say" Broom ", or black booth", November 2016, documentary (50 min)
 2) "Borsch", January 2017, documentary (43 min)
 3) "Falcons", 2017, documentary short (9 min)
 4) "The Last Bell at School", 2017, documentary
 5) "Love, peace, rock and roll… and a little fire", June 2017, documentary
 6) "Toys", 2017 - documentary film (16 min)
                                                               7) "You never know", 2017 - feature, short meter
 8) "70 years of silence", 2018 - documentary (30 min)                                               9) "Christmas in Lviv", 2018, documentary (7 min)
 10) "Ceramist", 2018 - documentary film (12 min)
 11) "Varenyky", 2018 - documentary film (46 min)
                                                   12) "Municipals-supermen", 2018 - documentary (30 min)                                   
 13) "Fresh Reading", 2018 - documentary
 14) "Invisible Lviv" 2018 - documentary
 15) "Magic reading", January 2018 - documentary
 16) "Lviv Israel 2018", 2018 - documentary (25 min)
 17) "Prayer to the Metropolitan", May 2018, documentary (50 min)
 18) "Salad", January 2019, documentary (50 min)
 19) "Ivan Levynsky. Neighbors" - documentary (30 min) 2019
 20) "Angob and Clay", 2019 - documentary
 21) Exhibition "Angels", 2019 - documentary                                                             22
) "Special dreams and professions" - social photo project                           23)"Urban winter 32" personal contemporary art project
 24) Curator`s excursion, Pavlo Gudimov, exhibition "Angels" 2019,  documentary (110 min)
 25) "Le visage francais de la region de Lviv", 2020 - documentary (105 min)

 26) "City VS Quarantine" international art project, 2020-2021

 27) "Happy ticket" - photo project, 2021
 28) International festival of theater photography "Interlude 2021"

Sashko Balabai

Amateur film director, audio visual artist, member of Ukrainian Film Academy, head and cofounder of NGO "Sashko Balabai Promotion", photographer, artist, journalist, member of IFJ and National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, volunteer.

Born in 1971 in Kharkiv. Graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic University in 1996. In 2015 moved with his family to Lviv. Sashko has been involved in photography since childhood. He started shooting documentary in 2016, when he and his wife founded the studio "Palm.L studio". Since then, more than 20 documentaries have been produced in their joint production. Films by Sashko and Darina Balabai participate in Ukrainian and foreign film festivals, receive awards and recognition. The couple works closely with the inclusive community, with representatives of different national minorities, organizes and implements various social projects ("Borsch", "Varenyky", "Salad", "Fresh Reading", "Fairy Reading" and oth.)


In September 2019, a personal art project of Darina and Sashko "Urban Winter 32" was presented in Lviv.


In 2019-2020 Sashko and his wife were involved in such a great Ukranian project as "Angels", "Year of Ivan Levinskii", "Impuls", International Art and Architecture festival "VEZHA", "Naive Art Festival" and oth.


In 2020-2021 Sashko and Darina organised international art photo project "City VS Quarantine".


In January 2020 their documentary project "Le visage francais de la region de Lviv" was presented in Paris, France.


After the first lockdown because of pandemia Covid 19 Sashko began to draw.




   2022 - ART NAIVA festival, Bratislava, Slovakia

   2021 - international art project DIGITALART4CLIMATE at Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP26, Glasgow, Scotland

   2021 - personal exhibition "Forest song. Reload of the dreams", art space at Lviv University Scientific Library , Lviv, Ukraine

   2021 – exhibition “Artist atelier”, Artist`s house, Kyiv, Ukraine.

   2021 - personal exhibition "Forest song. Reload of the dreams", art gallery "Mazurek", Lviv, Ukraine

   2021 - all Ukrainian art project "Hryvnia ART", Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine

   2021 - all Ukrainian art project "Hryvnia ART", Rodovyd Gallery, Kolomiya, Ukraine

   2021 – group exhibition "INDEPENDENCE", Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

   2021 - all Ukrainian art project "Hryvnia ART", Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

   2021 - all Ukrainian art project "Hryvnia ART", Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

   2021 - international online group exhibition, ‘Awaiting Voices’, Toronto, Canada

   2021 - international online group exhibition "Be your own Hero", San Francisko, California

   2021 - "Art Naif Festiwal", Katowice, Poland

   2021 - international online group exhibition "Art as a Response to Mental Health 2021", finalist, Doncaster Art Fair, UK

   2021 – international art project "Connect", Mykolaiv ART WEEK, Mykolaiv, Ukraine2021 – personal exhibition «Bubble dreams», Zhytomir, Ukraine

   2021 – all Ukrainian art project "Lesya Ukrainka. 150 names", Kyiv, Ukraine