"70 years of silence"

Shmuel Agnon , “A guest for the night”… The book is thick and few people understand what is it about. What is it telling about ? The book tells us about a guest for the night that arrives to Buchach from other country. He founds there Bet-Midrash absolutely empty, closed, abandoned, nobody comes there. A fire never burning there. And what he is doing ?
He is buying firewood, light up a fire and inhale a new life to these old walls. Then, in the end of the book, he returns home, behind the sea… But what he left after him ?
He left after a Bet-Midrash, that is again visited by people.
Now in this old Sambir`s synagogue we see people from Lviv, California, Kazan, Israel, Dobromyl, Sambir from different places… And we can feel like heroes of Agnon`s book, which came here and breath in the old walls of synagogue a new life ... Since 70 years of silence...

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