Le visage français de la region de Lviv" is a film project of Lviv directors Sashko Balabai and Darina Balabai, created jointly with Alliance Frances in Lviv.

Author of the project is Vasyl Kmet, historian, archivist, director of  Lviv state university by Ivan Franko scientific library.                 

The project team collected materials related to history, art, literature, architecture, music and discover interesting facts of cultural coexistence and relationships between the French and Ukrainians, such as Lviv and Lviv region. The directors used scientific research, archival documents and interviews with the Ukrainians in France and the French in Ukraine in the film.

Work on the project has been ongoing since spring 2019, with source material taken from the archives of the Ivan Franko National University Scientific Library and at sites in Lviv. In the summer of 2019, the film crew visited several cities in the Lviv region, namely: Svirzh, Rava Ruska, Zhovkva. There were also a number of interviews with artists who visited Lviv in 2019. The final part of the film project was filmed in Paris, January 21-26, 2020.

The documentary must have been presented as part of the French Spring 2020 Festival but the presentation was delayed because of pandemia. 


Le visage français de la region de Lviv

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