The debut contemporary art project for artists.

In September 2019 in Lviv in the large hall of the former synagogue with the support of the Lviv Society of Jewish Culture, held the first opening of the art project "URBAN WINTER 32".

The couple turned the focus of creative search to the other side of their daily work. The city, as a crossroads of vertical and horizontal lines and planes, literally fell on the canvas of artists.

“URBAN WINTER 32” project is an artistic search for authors, experimentation and realization of certain reflections on the environment. The play of shadows and lights on a snowy background, spectacular silhouettes and mystical story finds all inspired the creation of the project. The photographic works that make up the exposition resemble graphic sketches of coal pencil on white paper - at first glance, it seems to be the result of deep post-processing, but the authors achieved this effect through experiments with foreshortenings, light and snow, natural background.                                 

The authors are convinced that winter in the urban space only seems dull and gray, but in the winter, everything becomes more authentic, as if naked and open to awareness. Winter in the city is a period dominated by colors such as white and black. This is a time when the lack of unnecessary details makes it possible to see new shapes and outlines in a familiar street environment.

 "We started the project this winter, which was quite snowy and sometimes seemed too long. In search of interesting frames, we paid attention to the unusual outlines, silhouettes and shadows against the background of snow. It was especially interesting to take pictures, when the snow was just falling, we tried to capture these moments of untouchable space. That`s why there is white floor beneath your feet. Further, after looking at thousands of photos taken during the winter months, we stopped at 32 pieces - a symbol of that long winter that will never end. And the main question we are facing is how to tell our winter feelings to the viewer. Our childhood memories have already worked here. As a child, Sashko and I lived on the ground floor as a child, and laundry was usually hung in the yards of our homes - from there, such a huge drying process arose. The clothing that hangs between the paintings is part of the usual everyday environment, among which artistic images are viewed. All we have to do is just find them. ”






"Urban winter 32"

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