The documentary "Salad" is not a culinary guide, or part of the nowadays cult of the stomach. The slicing of vegetables, which canvas the film, symbolizes the segmentation of the society, some of which formed the basis of the country's defense in its time. Adding whether a shortage of certain ingredients plays an important role. And on the properties of conditional "Salad" depends on its quality and "taste" differences.                 In fact, these are unique stories of former soldiers who returned from the war and are forced to look at the world through the lens of the events of the front. They try not to be separated from the community and to learn to live life to the fullest. The main characters of the film find themselves in a world where it is difficult for them to find understanding with others, where indifference reigns, and the changes that everyone hoped for are happening very slowly. They overcome depression, aggression and other problems on their own because there are practically no mechanisms in the country for the psychological rehabilitation of survivors and returnees.                                                However, every story in the film is positive, each of the characters has developed a strategy of adaptation to real life for himself and gives effective advice from the screen to those who need it. The honesty, optimism and kindness of those people amazes and causes the average person to think that not everything is so bad in our world - the Ukrainian world.

In spring 2020 film became a Remi Winner at 53-d Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, Houston, USA.

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