The debut film for directors.
This is the first movie in the "Food and Unusual People" series. In 2017, film "Borsch" was  Award winner at the 50th Anniversary Film Festival in Houston, USA.

Disabled from Zaporizhia came to Lviv to show their charitable performance. They spent there three days, visited a lot of different places and told about their life. The parallel story in the film is cooking of family borsch. Borsch is one of the favourite and famous meals in Ukraine.

Borsch as our society consists of different components, simple and complicated .The quality and taste of borsch depends on the quality of its components. Sometimes the outlook of the components is not attractive but inside you will find a perfect content.
Amount of disabled is about 15 percent in the World. Sometimes people look at disabled with fear or disgust, sometimes it is suitable for people not to notice them. But disabled are the components of our society. Will we remain people or not? It will depends on our attitude to such people. 

During the demonstration film from the series "Food and Unusual people" directors offer the audience not only to watch the film together, but also to the joint cooking, in which case the Borsch. And while Borsch is preparing guests are watching film, and after all they eat together delicious meal, exchange their emotions and discuss the film.




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